Let's find your path to Service Design. 

Whether you’re just curious, have a specific project you need help with, or an experienced professional who wants to transition into the field, Service Design Paths can help.


What is Service Design Paths?

Service Design Paths is a service design consulting, career support and coaching organization, founded by Linn Vizard. After almost 10 years in industry, and making my own transition from UX to service design, I wanted to find ways to share knowledge and support the many people who ask about ways in to this growing field.

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Kind Words

“Linn is a passionate advocate and community leader in Service Design. Linn employs Service Design methods with rigour and deep tacit knowledge that allows her to guide teams towards a vision with ease. She is a caring collaborator and provides sage support and guidance to help people cultivate new skills and expertise.”

Maia Rowan


Your Service Design Coach

I’m one of Canada’s leading advocates of service design, and co-founded Service Design Toronto in 2013. I’ve written for Touchpoint, the journal for service design professionals, as well as writing frequently for Adobe on design. I’ve also spoken around the world at events like Interaction (the IxDA conference), Adaptive Path's Service Experience Conference and the Global Service Design Network Conference. One of my great loves is teaching and mentoring the next generation of designers. In my downtime you’ll find me making stuff with glitter, dancing, snuggling my cat and deadlifting over 200 lbs.