Need guidance on your path? We’re here to help!

Service design is an emerging field, and can be confusing to explore. Let me support you! I offer hour long one on one calls, where you can ask questions, get support with resources and reading, and talk to someone who has experience in the space.

Career Transition Coaching

$150 per one hour session

Are you looking for more meaningful design work, or perhaps a scope beyond digital interfaces? Maybe you’ve heard about service design and you’re curious but confused about this emerging field? Perhaps you are wondering what skills are important or how to frame your experience?

These sessions focus on understanding the service design landscape, and practical steps to transitioning in to the field of service design, starting where you are at right now.

Mastermind Coaching 

$175 per one hour session

Grappling with stakeholder management and buy in? Trying to figure out how to prototype and test your service? Looking for an experienced ear to bounce your challenges and ideas off?

For professionals already working in the field and practicing service design, these sessions are focused on working through complex issues that arise on projects. We will identify the right resources and tactics to move forward.